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ILA Jumpstart is a dynamic English language learning programme, specifically designed for young learners from 3 to 6 years old.

ILA Amazing Summer 2017

Chương trình anh văn hè 2017 là hành trình đưa các em đến với mùa hè tuổi thơ trong veo ánh nắng, nụ cười giòn tan ngập tràn niềm vui bất tận, những khoảnh khắc tràn đầy cảm xúc bùng nổ không thể nào quên.

Đây là sân chơi tiếng Anh hè độc đáo và bổ ích để các em sẽ được tự do khám phá thế giới của riêng mình, kết bạn, thi thố, phát triển tiếng Anh cùng 6 kỹ năng vượt trội và trở thành những đứa trẻ hạnh phúc.

Curriculum & Teaching Methodology

  • English Courses for Kids from 3 to 4 Years Old

    ILA is Vietnam's leading English school for teaching very young learners. In early Jumpstart classes, students learn through fun and inspiring activities and through exposure to natural language.

  • English Courses for Kids from 4 to 6 Years Old

    In ILA's pioneering Jumpstart classes, children are introduced to the alphabet, words, phrases and classroom language through age appropriate songs, lively communicative activities, reading and writing activities and storytelling.

The importance of studying English at a young age

Young children naturally have a huge advantage over older children when learning new languages. Starting early dramatically increases the chances of achieving native-like pronunciation and fluency. It also significantly improves cognition, memory and listening skills.

Meet our teachers

All ILA teachers are highly qualified native English speakers, meaning our students are immersed in a world of natural speech and pronunciation from day one.

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ILA training centres are purpose built to the highest specifications.

All classrooms, furniture, decoration and equipment are specifically designed for the students’ ages and programmes they are studying. The facilities provide engaging, comfortable and very safe learning environments.